I am a graphic artist and a Navy mom.
I am organizing ART in support of our Military ...
It is a way of saying you can be pro-military and PRO-PEACE.

I am making a megillah .... a scroll of fabric squares or a big quilt ....
a salute to our military from people like you
who understand that the military are the ones who protect our rights and freedoms.
It will be a symbol of caring and appreciation. It or photos of it will be displayed around the country.

Everyone is welcome to add to this project.



Design, colors, words .... They are all your choice; but they must be copyright free.
Start with half a yard of machine washable and dryable fabric. 100% cotton broadcloth or oxford cloth work beautifully.
Machine wash and dry the fabric.
Cut or tear a 12 inch square on the grain. If you donít measure well, better a little bigger than smaller.
Your work area is 9 inches square .... leaving a clear 1.5 inch border all around.
You can paint with textile paints or textile markers. Zig textile markers are great. DO NOT USE sharpies. They run. You could also embroider, applique, cross stitch, add beads, buttons or anything else that is washable.

Please do not use glues even fabric glues.

My husband and I are funding this project.
If I can, I will make a small booklet or book which would be sold to help pay for materials, photos, etc.
I would also like to use fabric prints of some squares to make throws or quilts for either our injured military
or for the kids of those killed in action. This will happen if I can get throws or quilts and fabric reproductions donated; but before I go there, I need some squares in hand.

If you have ideas about donors, please contact me.

You can see some of my past PEACE projects and learn more about me at http://PROJECTS.PEACE.NET/

You can e-mail me at or call me any time.

If you send me your e-mail address, I will try and keep you updated on progress.

When your square is done, please sign your square and fill in the form below, sign the form and mail it with your square to me at

Barbi Striar Disraelly Three Nash Place Stamford, CT 06906

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My name is: ___________________________________

My e-mail address is: ___________________________________

My mailing address is: ___________________________________

I am giving a square to Barbi Striar Disraelly,

It is original, my own work and is copyright free.

I understand she will use it in her project ART in support of our Military.

I give permission for Barbi to use this piece or copies or photos of my work in any way she feels appropriate

including but not limited to a completed project which will be her property,

and / or a book, gifts for our military, publicity and publication.


Signed: _______________________________ Dated: ___________